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Book Author – Dina Rae

Dina Rae
Dina Rae

Hi, Matt here – today in DFE’s author interviews we hear from Dina Rae, whose book, Be Paranoid Be Prepared, is currently being offered for free! Thanks so much to Dina, and enjoy what she shared with all of us.

DFE: Tell us about your book, and how you came up with the idea?

My short story, Be Paranoid Be Prepared, is sort of/kind of a back story/prequel to my novel The Last Degree-1.99 on Amazon. The story does stand alone. I came up with the idea about James Martin, the bouncer at Club Apocalypse, from my husband’s friend, Otis. He died young from cocaine abuse. This story is based off of his tales while working in a stripclub in Florida. In The Last Degree he cleans himself up and prepares for New World Order. I wished that’s what my husband’s friend would have done.

DFE: How did you get interested in the genre?

Conspiracy theory is a passion of mine. I love Dan Brown, Jesse Ventura, Michael Moore, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Doomsday Preppers, History Channel, you name it if it has conspiracy attached. Be Paranoid Be Prepared and The Last Degree reflect my expertise and passion.

DFE: How do you come up with your title?

*Spoiler Alert* Be Paranoid is about James Martin’s cocaine problem and Be Prepared is about the prepper/stripper he falls for. The Last Degree is about the 33rd degree Freemasons and other secret societies who plan for New World Order.

DFE: What was the hardest thing about writing your book?

The query process eats away at your soul. The Last Degree was published under a “regular” publisher and, to put it tactfully, things went south. I broke off the contract and instead of going through the query process all over again, I put it up on Amazon. I really like how they set it up-I know what my sales are, can change the price, can promote, etc. I don’t feel taken advantage of.

DFE: Do you prefer the electronic book format? why?

Yes, because it is more affordable and instant. I also like audio books because I like to listen to stories while I am doing something else like driving or cleaning or cooking, etc.

DFE: What’s a day in your life? When do you write?

I write everyday even if it is only a couple of paragraphs. Terrified of a cold manuscript that so many get stuck with.

DFE: Would you like to share any tips with other aspiring authors?

Not really in a position to give advice (yet), but would recommend Stephen King’s On Writing and a subscription to Writer’s Digest. Also, an English composition book is very helpful when stuck on a grammar rule.

DFE: How do you deal with bad reviews?

It’s all part of the process. I know that it’s impossible for everyone to like my book or any book. William Shakespeare himself would have collected many 1 and 2 star ratings. I tend to look at books that I deem as brilliant on Amazon then read the bad one/two star reviews. Puts things into perspective. What is upsetting is when the reviewer gets very personal and attacks you and not the writing. So far I am very lucky. All of my averages are above 4 which tells me that my blurbs are attracting readers who are interested in the subject matter.

DFE: Are you working on anything now?

I am almost finished with a sequel to my other novel, Halo of the Damned. It’s about a fallen angel who runs an ad empire, fathers a new race, hijacks an ancient angel worshiping religion, and wants to secede from Hell (Halo of the Damned is also available on Amazon and other major distribution sites). I am cleaning up my third novel, Bad Juju. It’s about an old Haitian who mentors two teens in the dark arts. Their spells backfire.

DFE: What’s another kindle book you would recommend?

Right now I am reading and loving Seth Grahame-Smith’s Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Also loved Joel Rosenberg’s The 12th Imam. Listening to Angelology by Danielle Trussoni. I never was a fantasy person, but really loved the first two of George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones and look forward to the third and fourth one.

DFE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Here are my links. Thanks so much for having me.
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Thanks again to Dina.  It’s great that authors take out the time to share their insights. Be sure to check out her sites and work.