Cloudburst (An Art Jefferson Thriller)


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Author: Ryne Douglas Pearson
Language: English
Publisher: Schmuck & Underwood
Number of Pages: 347
Publication Date: 2014-01-17
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Number of Reviews: 42
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Some Positives

This one started off a little slow for me, say the first 5% of the Kindle version, but the author suddenly kicked it from first gear all the way to fi...

Some Negatives

I finished this book but it took a LONG time. Unusual for me, as I'll generally read a 300+ page book in about 4 days. This one took me almost 2 weeks...

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Book Summary & Reviews
Book 1 in the Art Jefferson Thriller series
In Los Angeles, the president is killed in a brazen terrorist suicide attack. Halfway across the globe, an American airliner is hijacked by another group of Middle Eastern extremists and forced to make a brief stop in Libya. Events that are first seen as unconnected soon are proven to be part of an interconnected plan to strike at the heart of the United States.
On opposite coasts, FBI Agent Art Jefferson and National Security Adviser Bud DiContino race to manage situations as they spiral toward disaster. With the hijacked airliner racing toward the United States, its cargo hold filled with what intelligence analysts believe is a nuclear weapon, the only hope for the passengers’ lives comes in the form of an audacious rescue plan to be executed by the highly secretive Delta Force.
From its pulse-pounding opening to its action-packed climax, Cloudburst grabs you and will not let go. Ranging from the violent assassination of the President on the streets of Los Angeles to covert action against terrorist havens in North Africa, from the halls of power in Washington to a highjacked airliner racing toward the heart of the United States, Cloudburst takes the reader on a riveting journey as FBI agents and elite counterterrorist units fight a desperate battle to save millions of innocents, and bring those responsible to justice.

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This one started off a little slow for me, say the first 5% of the Kindle version, but the author suddenly kicked it from first gear all the way to fifth. After a while, the turbo boost engaged and what you have is a pulse-racing thriller. Forgive the auto references but believe me when I tell you this is one action-packed thriller that had my heartbeat increasing on occasion until I completed it.The author does a really good job of explaining the technical details related to science, aviation, and the military without the reader feeling either overwhelmed or the thought of being talked down to while reading. His character dialogue is outstanding as well as the development of those characters for both the “good” and the “bad” guys. I was impressed with how he was able to switch scenes from an FBI team, the armed terrorists, the Delta force team, and the defector with ease and weave it all together.About the only negative I could give it is there are a few words that are typos, and some of it appears dated – early Vietnam war veterans still in active-duty front-line service, for example, but it does not take away from an all-around great read.As I type this review, the book is free in the Amazon Kindle store which raises the rating an extra star; if it is still showing up for free I highly recommend you grab it. It was refreshing to read an action-packed novel that doesn’t seem to repeat the Vince Flynn / Lee Child framework, and I am looking forward to reading more from the author.



The author REALLY had to do some homework for all the tech info involved, but it was explained so even the layman could understand. The plot was really detailed, but again, easy to assimilate. The skipping from one of many venues to another within a few pages was disorienting at first, as was keeping track of some of the characters, but surprisingly it all fell into place…eventually. For a real page clicker (that phrase has now entered the vernacular of ereaders) and edge of your seat thrills, I highly recommend Cloudburst.One sort of odd typo…in about 12 to 15 occurances (on Kindle), the word “the” was printed as “die”. From a German translator perhaps?



Thought that the overall storyline and concept were well thought out and that the author was very descriptive throughout. I liked how as events were unfolding, he left just enough unsaid so that you had to keep reading to find out more. Another thing that added depth to this story was including the thoughts of all characters as they were immersed in dialogue. This gripped the reader more and kept the emotion alive during the more intense scenes. Pearson definitely knows his technology, weapons, vehicles, equipment, etc., and was able to put it in a language that even an accountant such as myself could follow. As noted by the other few reviewers, there was the occasional typo of “die” in place of “the”. A bit annoying, but nothing to get overly hung up on. I do look forward to reading more books by Pearson, whether free or not, in the near future.



I finished this book but it took a LONG time. Unusual for me, as I’ll generally read a 300+ page book in about 4 days. This one took me almost 2 weeks. I dreaded it every day. But I HAD to know what happened! It was so hard to get through because it is written more like a movie script than a book. “So and so did this, went here, looked like ______”. Every single tiny detail was described. I would rather let my imagination take over something. I am trying one more by this author, but if it decends to the same descriptive depths as this, I will be putting it away (so to speak) not letting myself care about the ending.



Well researched and well written. Still, it was hard to keep track of the large cast of characters. Would make a good movie.



I love Amazon and I love free books! This was a great read! It was convoluted, kept me turning the pages and had me on the edge of my seat. Definitely would be enjoyed by anyone who serves the public in the capacity of protection. Yes it did remind me of some of the other military type authors and I believe it was equally well written. I won’t give away the plot but I would encourage you to read it if you like suspense/thriller type books.



Loved it – i have read all clancy and flynn plus others and although no one can measure up to clancy’s first few this is a good read



This is a pretty standard tale of a washed up cop using his experience to solve a crime where others are failing. It is amusing if a bit predictable. I appreciated the racial/ethnic diversity of the characters. Also liked that the scenario at the center of the plot was plausible. I’m not pining for to read the sequel but I would be open to reading one (for the right price).



This book gets your attention from the first page! Just as you are getting to know the characters you get a twist, then a turn. Then, what’s next? Fast-paced with interesting detail



I ran out of Clancy novels and was heartened to find this and other novels by Pearson. He is an excellent heir to the title of king of this genre of fiction. Like Clancy’s earlier works Pearson makes his plots a bit complicated to follow but so realistic you work at it because you know it’s going to be great. The main character Art Jefferson is a good substitute for Jack Ryan.

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