The End Of The World (As We Know It)


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Author: Amy Gregersen
Language: English
Number of Pages: 177
Publication Date: 2013-12-08
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Some Positives

A good mixture of characters and I love the books with the teenagers in them. They always are so fresh!

Some Negatives

When I purchased this book there were no reviews posted so I took a chance at it. I needed to go back and read Amy's bio because I thought I was readi...

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Book Summary & Reviews

A bomb has gone off, leaving Samantha Higgins and her friends trapped in an old shelter. The chaos filled government has assumed no survivors, no one is coming to rescue them. It’s up to them to get out. They have only each other and Mike, the grumpy old veteran who pushed them into the shelter.
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Mike, a veteran of Nam, finds himself helping others when a flash in the sky occurs. Mike had been fearing something like this would happen but no one believed him. Luckily, for a small group of youngsters, Mike comes to their aid. He threw the youngest into a bunker and the others followed her.As you can imagine, quite the scenario unfolds when they get inside the facility. One is a whiner named Mia, Winnie is a youngster approaching her 10th birthday, a "geek" named Gabe, Samantha has a black belt and then there is Ian. Lots of bickering going on until Mike (I call him the Man) steps in and takes control.I thought it was an interesting story and could well envision the reactions of these youngsters in the bunker!Mike does have a plan for all of them, however. Will his plan be enough to get them out of the bunker and to safety?Highly recommended.



I found the book to be quite enjoyable to read, the author developed the characters well and I hope she has another book on this subject matter in the works … I would gladly recommend this book and look forward to any future works by Amy …



A good mixture of characters and I love the books with the teenagers in them. They always are so fresh!



I enjoyed the cast of characters assembled here and the story as it unfolded. Mike is a deeper man than he appears at first and other initial impressions likewise prove to be false over time. I would recommend this book to readers who like their "end of the world" fiction uncluttered by a lot of foul language also gratuitous sex. Also, not a lot of time is wasted trying to uncover the hidden childhood trauma that results in misunderstood gang members "acting out", also known as rape, murder and torture. Sorry, I could not resist that last bit of sarcasm.



Enjoyed the book it gave me something to think about. When is the second book coming out, I want to know the rest of the story.



This is a simplistic story of how the fallout from a nuclear bomb affected six people who survived the attack, by being close enough to an old ‘Cold War’ bomb shelter to take refuge from the radiation, for a couple of weeks. It is a description of how the stress of the situation and being confined within the shelter, changed their behaviour, making them either more able to adapt to the changed situation or to fall apart completely.This is not an in-depth examination of the after effects of three bombs falling on various places in the U.S., (which would more than likely have been destroyed prior to their landing), but more of a what-if scenario if a few people coincidentally happened to be handy to a bomb shelter at the time of the attack. It’s okay, for what it is, but there are better books available. This one isn’t a keeper for my e-book library.



Another very good story by Amy Gregersen . Her stories are easy to read , easy to follow and entertaining . She has a way of peaking my interesting and then keeping the reader involved in the story .



Very disappointed, would not ever reccommend it ever, to anyone very sad ! i consider it a total waste of my money.



the book was a good read, a lot of action and some very good ideas, and some food for thought. It was an easy read and did keep the reader interested. I would recommend to read this book, you will get some good enjoyment from it.



When I purchased this book there were no reviews posted so I took a chance at it. I needed to go back and read Amy’s bio because I thought I was reading a children’s book written by a seventh grader. If it was a seventh grader who had written this I would have said it was good but to learn it was an actual adult I wondered where her head was at! "Now I understand". I would recommend this to children from ten to 15 only.

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